[PATCH] xkeyboard-config: updated geometry description of model "pc105"

Jakob Kummerow jakob.kummerow at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 7 14:46:34 PST 2010

> I possess Russian 104-key keyboards with all the variants discussed:

As I said, 104 key keyboards are not affected by changes to the "pc105" model.

> Given this experience layouts in wikipedia article look random for me
> (especially 105 vs. 104 when 105th key is just </> keys).

The 105th key is the one to the right of the left Shift key. The
symbol printed on it (or typed when you press the key, for that
matter) is irrelevant; the geometry description is only about the
physical shape and position of the keys.
I know from personal experience that usually French, German, Spanish,
Swiss and UK keyboards have 105 keys with a tall Return key (as in the
Wiki article).

> Did you count frequency of each keyboard? I bet US keyboards are much
> more common than the Albanian or Turkish.

US keyboards have 104 keys. Again, they are not affected.
And wrt frequency: Yes, I do believe that the 26 "105 / tall" layouts
summed up are used far more frequently than the 2 "105 / single-row"

Also, let me emphasize the fact that normal usage of the keyboard is
in no way affected by the geometry description anyway. It is only
relevant for applications that generate and draw images of the


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