Improving VT switching with KMS

Ari Entlich atrigent at
Mon Mar 8 00:55:05 PST 2010

----- "Eric Anholt" <eric at> wrote:
> Beyond master setting, there's nothing left in my Enter/LeaveVT. Hide
> cursors on Leave, set video mode on Enter.  There are two other function
> calls left in there, but I don't think they particularly deserve to live.
> Is your VT switching code going to handle resetting my modes correctly?
> I don't think that's the case today.

The signals which are sent on VT switch are still there, so stuff can
still be executed on VT switch. The question is whether that stuff has
to be executed at a particular time or not. It seems clear that the master
stuff DOES have to be executed at exactly the right time. But what about the
other stuff? In particular, would it matter if the other stuff in the LeaveVT
callback of a frozen server were not executed when switching away from that


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