Multiple Monitors

Greg Newsome mugginz1 at
Mon Mar 8 23:37:30 PST 2010

On Tue, 9 Mar 2010 02:51:07 pm Joe Zamboni wrote:
> Hi,
> Now I'm new to this X server stuff, so some of this might have simple
> solutions I have overlooked.
> I was wondering, is it possible to run different X servers on different
> screens at the same time (possibly with different input devices for each
> server)?
> If so, would it be possible to assign different input devices to different
> servers and use them simultaneously?
> I ask because, I was thinking it would be cool to use one desktop computer
> with multiple monitors, keyboards and mice.
> This would cut cost by turning one computer into two workstations.

See and for possible info.

Also, I believe Linux Journal also has some more up to date articles regarding 
this.  See

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