keyboard bell woes (ignores xset)

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at
Tue Mar 16 11:47:34 PDT 2010

I turn off the bell using 'xset -b' :
~ $ xset -q | grep bell
  bell percent:  0    bell pitch:  400    bell duration:  100

but when I do XBell(dpy, 100), the bell still rings at volume 100.

#0  DDXRingBell (volume=100, pitch=400, duration=100) at quartzAudio.c:223
#1  0x0000000100138ba2 in CoreKeyboardBell (volume=100, pDev=0x115b708e0, arg=0x115b71100, something=0) at devices.c:498
#2  0x0000000100105114 in XkbHandleBell (force=0 '\0', eventOnly=0 '\0', kbd=0x115b708e0, percent=100 'd', pCtrl=0x115b71100, class=0 '\0', name=0, pWin=0x0, pClient=0x115e11c00) at xkbEvents.c:514

Shouldn't the bell percent set by 'xset' be multiplied by the volume passed to XBell?  From XBell(3):

       The XBell function rings the bell on the keyboard on the specified display, if possible.  The specified
       volume is relative to the base volume for the keyboard.  If the value for the percent argument is not in
       the range -100 to 100 inclusive, a BadValue error results.  The volume at which the bell rings when the
       percent argument is nonnegative is:

              base - [(base * percent) / 100] + percent

       The volume at which the bell rings when the percent argument is negative is:

              base + [(base * percent) / 100]


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