[PATCH app, driver, libs 0/43] Replace deprecated Automake INCLUDES variable

Gaetan Nadon gaetan.nadon at videotron.ca
Mon Mar 22 08:44:52 PDT 2010

On Mon, 2010-03-22 at 07:52 -0700, Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> Gaetan Nadon wrote:
> > On Fri, 2010-03-19 at 13:53 -0700, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> >> Gaetan Nadon wrote:
> >> > The server sticks -fvisibility compiler flag in the pkg Cflags which
> >> > does not help while 99% of pkg-config files on my distro are compiler
> >> > flags free.
> >>
> >> Which is probably a bug in itself - I end up removing @symbol_visibility@
> >> from xorg-server.pc.in when building our packages, since we support both
> >> gcc & Sun Studio, and they take different flags for that option.
> >>
> > 
> > I tend to agree, providing compiler flags such as this one is pushing
> > the "convenience" envelop. This flag should be specified in the driver
> > module, but it is significant work. There is no facility to specify a
> > portable compiler flag. In this particular case, it could be supplied
> > through a server macro and included in each driver makefile.
> Yes, the visibility cflags should probably have been added to xorg-macros
> (since it's useful for libraries as well as driver modules) and the macro
> added to the drivers.
> > As a side note, it looks like the server config handles the SUN compilers.
> > 
> > AC_CHECK_DECL([__SUNPRO_C], [SUNCC="yes"], [SUNCC="no"])
> > if test x$SUNCC = xyes; then
> >     VISIBILITY_CFLAGS="-xldscope=hidden"
> > else
> >     have_visibility=no
> > fi
> Yes, so if I build the X server with Sun compilers and don't patch out that
> section, no one can build drivers with gcc (including me, which is why I found
> this, since some of the drivers I build cannot be built with Sun compilers and
> must use gcc).

Ah, I came close to that scenario. Isn't that a bug then? It seems easy
to fix, but there will be the issue
of older modules configuring with newer servers without visibility flag.
But it does not break anything,
just larger object code file with the default visibility.

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