Supported combinations of OS, libraries and platforms

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Wed Mar 31 07:49:29 PDT 2010

Mikhail Gusarov wrote:
> Is there any list of platforms, system libraries and OSes software
> should support? "Should" here means "will compile and run aside
> occasional breakages if nobody looks upon the particular combination".
> I'm looking at cleaning up Xtrans, but I have no idea may I clean up
> BSD44SOCKETS, SUN_LEN, __SCO__, __UNIXWARE__ etc or not.
> If there is no such list, I am willing to create and maintain it, though
> some basic info is needed upfront (C90? POSIX-what-version?)

I'm not aware that anyone has compiled a list.   For platforms, those with
maintainers listed in xorg-docs/MAINTAINERS are the ones I'd start with as
the supported list.

Our absolute base minimums for a while have been C89 & Unix98 (i.e. snprintf
is required) - but some components, like the X server, require C99 now.
We have traditionally supported a wider range of platforms in the clients than
the server though.

I don't know that we've got a good criteria for the OS'es we've dropped -
I know I've removed A/UX and SunOS 4.x support from places, and I think ajax
killed Lynx in some others - those have all not had new releases since the
early 90's.   Perhaps a quick rule of thumb would be if the OS has not had
a new release since 2000, it's probably dead?

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