[PATCH] Remove deprecated "nv" driver from autoconfiguration list

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Wed Mar 31 16:51:55 PDT 2010

Aaron Plattner wrote:
> This is an awfully big hammer just to deal with DisplayPort devices, since
> the driver still works fine for everybody else.  It would be nice to
> instead have the server gracefully fall back when PreInit fails instead of
> just bailing out, but I can understand if that's too big of a change to try
> to make for 1.8.
> If it would help, we could make -nv look for DP devices in PciProbe and
> fail if it finds any.

If it would fail gracefully so that autoconfig would fallback to vesa, then
that I'd be happy with that for 1.8, but I've also not looked into what would
have to change to make that possible.   (DisplayPort was the example reported
to me - presumably the new cards that won't be supported at all already get
passed by in the PciProbe - are there any other conditions you expect nv to not
work at all?)

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