[PATCH xkeyboard-config] Use of dead_greek symbol in Bepo's keyboard layout

Marko Myllynen myllynen at redhat.com
Fri Dec 2 04:44:26 PST 2011


>>> AIUI this is going to break for anyone whose xlib isn't rebuilt
>>> against the very latest x11proto.  This either needs to wait a
>>> while (and maybe use the hex number in the meantime), or be
>>> documented.  Possibly both.
>> It's not going to be integrated anyway until it's sent to the
>> xkeyboard-config maintainers on their mailing list:
>> 	http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/XKeyboardConfig/Development
>   When I've asked for inclusion of new bepo (french dvorak) keyboard
> layout in Xorg, 3 new dead letters was added, without problem. A
> problem could arise if xkeyboard-config is delivered before Xorg's
> xlib/xproto, but is it currently possible ?
>   I could anyway wait a bit before to re-submit the xkeyboard-config's
> patch, giving time for new xlib/xproto release ?

this sounds exactly like the case with the permille/ezh/EZH patches for
xlib/xproto I submitted and got Reviewed-by recently but which have not
been merged yet (hint hint ;). With those additions my plan was to wait
as long as latest Fedora release would have patched xlib/xproto
available, and only then submit the corresponding updates to
xkeyboard-config to make sure currently working setups won't be affected


Marko Myllynen

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