git pull request : misc reviewed fixes

Keith Packard keithp at
Wed Dec 7 12:43:57 PST 2011

On Tue, 6 Dec 2011 16:08:53 +0000, Dave Airlie <airlied at> wrote:

> Adam Jackson (1):
>       fbdevhw: iterate over all modes that match a mode. (v3)
> Dave Airlie (6):
>       xext: don't free uninitialised pointer when malloc fails. (v2)
>       Xi: avoid overrun of callback array.
>       xaa: avoid possible freed pointer reuse in epilogue
>       xv: test correct number of requests. (v2)
>       hal: free tmp_val in one missing case
>       kdrive: drop screen crossing code.

Thanks for sweeping these up!

   22a666f..3ab8ee3  master -> master

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