[PATCH 23/25] xf86Priv.h: Add some noreturn attributes suggested by gcc

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Sun Dec 11 10:16:36 PST 2011

Both functions call exit() at the end and have no other return path.
Also correct comment/heading to reflect commit 6450f6ca7ee0 moving
DoShowOptions into xf86Configure.c.

Signed-off-by: Alan Coopersmith <alan.coopersmith at oracle.com>
 hw/xfree86/common/xf86Priv.h |    6 ++----
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

This overlaps with, but does not logically conflict with, Daniel's
[PATCH 21/31] XFree86: _X_UNEXPORT, so whoever lands second will have to merge.

diff --git a/hw/xfree86/common/xf86Priv.h b/hw/xfree86/common/xf86Priv.h
index 8c69859..e0b1809 100644
--- a/hw/xfree86/common/xf86Priv.h
+++ b/hw/xfree86/common/xf86Priv.h
@@ -125,10 +125,8 @@ extern _X_EXPORT const DisplayModeRec xf86DefaultModes[];
 extern _X_EXPORT const int xf86NumDefaultModes;
 /* xf86Configure.c */
-extern _X_EXPORT void DoConfigure(void);
-/* xf86ShowOpts.c */
-extern _X_EXPORT void DoShowOptions(void);
+extern _X_EXPORT void DoConfigure(void) _X_NORETURN;
+extern _X_EXPORT void DoShowOptions(void) _X_NORETURN;
 /* xf86Events.c */

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