ebeam xinput driver : ask for review

Yann Cantin yann.cantin at laposte.net
Tue Jan 4 11:44:12 PST 2011


This is a attempt to replace the closed source ebeam xinput driver provided by Luidia for ebeam device.
(see http://www.e-beam.com/business/ebeam-classic-projection/overview.html).

I have to do that cause their driver don't support recent xorg version. Support says they are working
on a re-implementation from scratch, but my device is unusable since i update my distro 7 mouths back, so...

One particularity of ebeam devices handling is that it use a 2 parts system : a daemon service that talk directly
to the hardware (usb for mine, there is also bluetouth or serial ones), and a xinput driver. The 2 communicate
thru a network socket via binary packets. The good news is that the daemon run perfectly and seems to provide a
common interface for multiple devices, the bad one is that it is also closed, so this driver can't work alone,
and need a proprietary part to be useful. I can live with that, but i don't know how you xorg guys can deal with.

Anyway, the driver works. I'm sure i've reproduce all the original driver's mechanics (it's vrey basic), and i
try hard to stick to coding rules i've found in other xinput drivers, but as you may know, there's no clear
documentation out there to help beginner like me.

There is clearly space for optimization in the code, but i mainly worry about correctness for now.

Many thanks for the time you'll spend.

Yann Cantin
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