[PATCH] ClickPad support v4

Chris Bagwell chris at cnpbagwell.com
Thu Jan 6 08:28:37 PST 2011

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 9:20 PM, AIC <aic at hi.t-com.hr> wrote:
> Kevin O'Connor <kevin at ...> writes:
>> Setting "AreaBottomEdge=3800" did make the mouse jitter on button
>> press go away (at the cost of a smaller touchpad area).  (Of course,
>> this would still need to work once left/right/middle button
>> detection is implemented.)
> Hello,
> interesting dicussion. I own another HP laptop, the 4320s, with a
> ClickPad.  Situation is pretty bad on that one. Patch from Yan Li
> enables the right and middle click (thank you). But never solves the
> jump issue, nor does the Add-new-option-JumpyCursorThreshold-v5.patch
> If the synaptics driver in the kernel is supposed to recognize it as
> such, it does not in this case: Synaptics Touchpad, model: 1, fw: 7.4,
> id: 0x1e0b1, caps: 0xd04731/0xe40000/0x5a0400

Can you clarify what you mean about not detecting?  Do you mean not
detected as clickpad?

Your extended capabilities 0x0c show bit 0x100000 set which current
kernel uses as part of clickpad detection.  Also, if Yan's patch is of
use to you, then that means kernel is only reporting BTN_LEFT which
also indicates its detected as clickpad by kernel.

> I've been looking forward to Takashi's fixes, but barely none are in
> the kernel yet. I had a chance to use SuSE and the pad was OK, jumpy
> though, also the LED to disable it in the top left corner was working.
> I tried to tweak just about every setting, from palm detection,
> reducing the area etc. Nothing helped. If I move the thumb in the
> position for a click and a finger is already on the touchpad these
> mostly horizontal jumps occur. If I swipe the thumb into position it
> moves across the screen in a huge jump. It doesn't seem to be
> connected to horizontal scrolling in any way, I also disabled it.

Make sure palm detection is off or at least palm width value is higher
than value of EmulateTwoFingerMinW as they compete with each other.
EmulateTwoFingerMinW is the extremely important property for the types
of jumps your describing here.  If you can't get that working then
jumps will occur.

Can you confirm which version of xf86-input-synaptics your testing
with?  It must be at least 1.3.0 or newer for EmulateTwoFingerMinW to
be be useful for these type jumps.

>> I can also confirm that setting EmulateTwoFingerMinW=5
> The jump while clicking still occures as ever. With any value. :(

If you continue to have issues, I would appreciate if you can use
"evtest" tool and record events to log file while your performing
sequences that cause jumps and send logs directly to me.  From those I
can verify if its a configuration issue of xf86-input-synaptics or
something that just hasn't been accounted for yet in


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