[PATCH 2/2] XWin: Include a copy of GL specs, rather than downloading them

Jon TURNEY jon.turney at dronecode.org.uk
Tue Jan 11 05:37:38 PST 2011

On 05/01/2011 21:05, Gaetan Nadon wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-01-05 at 20:30 +0000, Jon TURNEY wrote:
>> On 05/01/2011 14:25, Daniel Stone wrote:
>>> Previously the XWin build required a live internet connection (and
>>> Khronos's servers to not be down for maintenance, etc) in order to
>>> download the (W)GL specs to autogenerate files from.  Even if you
>>> weren't building XWin, this broke distcheck.
>>> It's a fairly upsetting diffstat, but not being able to distcheck on
>>> the train makes me sad-in-pants.
>>> Signed-off-by: Daniel Stone <daniel-rLtY4a/8tF1rovVCs/uTlw-XMD5yJDbdMToUJ55TTLPZA at public.gmane.org.org>
>>> ---
>>> Note that this is not the real patch: SMTP doesn't allow even 1024-character
>>> lines, let alone 31488 characters (sigh).  The real patch can be found at:
>>> git://people.freedesktop.org/~daniels/xserver in the master branch
>>> But you get the idea.
>> Yes, this is pretty bad atm.  I'm not sure why I did things this way in the
>> first place.  I think perhaps I was concerned about that I didn't know the
>> license terms for those files and didn't want to get stuck with manually
>> updating them.
> It looks promising as the terms of the license are copied from the X11
> license.
> http://oss.sgi.com/projects/FreeB/SGIFreeSWLicB.2.0.pdf.
> The build reproducibility is important. Various distros building X must
> do so from the same source code.
> Those building from tarballs expect the source code to be complete.
> One should be able to rebuild a 2 year old server with the same 2 year
> old gl spec.

I'm not sure I totally buy this argument.  We don't include stdio.h to ensure
that we can build with the version that was installed 2 years ago :-)

(Although I'm sure this problem is solved by a package build system which
audits the build dependencies)

>> Perhaps it would be better to simply remove these files, and I should just
>> create a package for cygwin containing these files, and then make that a
>> build-time requirement?

It makes me very uncomfortable to add a copy of those files, so here is an
alternative patch which removes the downloading of the files, which hopefully
fixes the distcheck problem, and the ~2.5 people who actually build XWin can
ensure they are made available in an appropriate way.

(I had a look at how Wine does this, as it needs to generate these same
wrappers with the opposite thunking, to see if it did this in a better way,
but unfortunately, that downloads the files also :-( [1] )

[1] http://source.winehq.org/git/wine.git/?a=tree;f=dlls/opengl32
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