Functions/Entrypoints to be supported by XServer 2D driver.

kumar vemuri kumar210in at
Thu Jan 27 21:45:06 PST 2011


    Am new to linux graphics driver dev and is my spare time project.
Can someone answer some fundamental questions.

Its regarding the 2D device dependent driver <>.

a. My understanding is that this driver is needed for GPU accelerated 2D
rendering also. Hence its needed even if DRI is not enabled for 3D. Its
basically the 2D driver for the GPU. Is my understanding correct?

b. What are the functions that need to be implemented by this driver? Is
there a header file that is exported by the device independent part of
Xserver which lists all the functions that <> needs to

c. Any suggestions on how to start writing this 2D driver will certainly
be helpful.

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