[PATCH libX11] config: Add an option to initialize threads by default.

Julien Cristau jcristau at debian.org
Mon Jan 31 06:06:03 PST 2011

On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 15:12:29 +0200, Tiago Vignatti wrote:

> On 01/31/2011 01:13 PM, ext Julien Cristau wrote:
> >On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 12:46:56 +0200, Rami Ylimäki wrote:
> >
> >>This change makes it possible to guard a system against a missing
> >>XInitThreads call in X clients. One might argue that this is a client
> >>problem and that all X clients should call XInitThreads if it's
> >>possible that they could use Xlib from multiple threads. However,
> >>experience has shown that it's just too easy for developers to
> >>overlook the need for this call.
> >>
> >This change means that somebody developing their apps on a system with
> >it on will never see they need to call XInitThreads(), and stuff will
> >break when moving to an Xlib without that option.  I don't think that's
> >a good idea.
> I do agree with Julien in the sense that developers could become
> lazy and in general won't care much anymore about initializing
> thread support.
> OTOH, if you pick a Qt application for instance, you will see that
> it is close to impossible to track from a stack trace of 80
> functions whether XInitThreads() is called properly or not. At the
> same time, it's not a big deal to maintain the support Rami made in
> libX11. So why not?
Doesn't sound like you agree with me at all.  I just said why not, I'm
not going to repeat it.  I understand what you're trying to solve, I
disagree that an xlib configure option is the way to go.


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