[PUSH xf86-video-nested] Driver for nesting X-servers

Stef Bon stef at bononline.nl
Sun May 8 01:16:09 PDT 2011

  On 05/06/2011 09:04 AM, Tim F wrote:
> Good evening,
> We have uploaded and made available our nested driver at xorg/drive​ 
> r/xf86-vid​eo-nested. It allows you to run an instance of X-server 
> within a program window. Instruction or in the ReadMe. It supports 
> basic mouse and keyboard operation. Window size is currently fixed 
> when you configure it, which is a change we hope to improve.
> It is capable of multiple nestings, and you can run different versions 
> of X-server in each window. I don't know the full range of which ones 
> work, but we have used it with the 1.7s and the 1.9s.
> I'm open to comments so try it and let us know what you think.
> Tim
> Weseung
> Colin
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I'm trying it now on my new multiseat system...

As far as I can look at it it's a very good sollution for multiseat. Let 
the X server offer a display, maybe exist of more than one screen (every 
monitor a different screen), which is the way to go with a videocard 
with two heads, offer these different outputs as screens using Xinerama 




and make the "normal" display, where the login will be:




where the "source display" of :0.0 is :99.0, and for :1.0 is that of 
course :99.1

I'havent been testing this yet, but is this possible??

And futher, is it also possible to use a "NX" display as source? Maybe 
you know, NX is a protocol to have a remote display, like vnc, but then 
much more efficient.

And finally, what is so different compared to Xephyr? Is it basically 
the same technique or is it totally different??


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