[PUSH xf86-video-nested] Driver for nesting X-servers

Stef Bon stef at bononline.nl
Sun May 8 23:56:50 PDT 2011

  On 05/09/2011 01:53 AM, Jamey Sharp wrote:
> On Sun, May 08, 2011 at 11:48:26PM +0200, Stef Bon wrote:
>>   On 05/08/2011 05:07 PM, Jamey Sharp wrote:
>>> (I think you mean "without using Xinerama".)
>> no, I do mean with Xinerama. As I've written before the trick is to link
>> a screen to a display:
>> :99:0 ->  :0.0
>> and
>> :99:1 ->  :1.0
> Assuming you meant :99.0 and :99.1, and assuming that :0 and :1 have
> only one screen each, those are all non-Xinerama configurations.
> Xinerama just lets you take multiple screens (like an Intel and a Radeon
> card, or two nested screens, or some other mix) and make them *look*
> like one screen to clients. Instead, you want the screens on :99 to look
> like separate screens to clients.
> I wouldn't have even mentioned it except I don't think you'll get what
> you're looking for if you're trying to have Xinerama turned on.

yes, you're right, a "real" Xinerama" is different cards combined in one 

See the multiseat setup here:


As you see there, it's a multiseat sollution.
Well, to be honoust, it's using Twinview, a nvidia extension, which can 
make two monitors act as one display, and can make it look like Xinerama.

why do you think I do not get what I'm looking for??


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