More DRI2 invalidate stuff

Eric Anholt eric at
Mon May 9 13:42:03 PDT 2011

On Fri,  6 May 2011 18:18:14 +0300, ville.syrjala at wrote:
> The proposed DRI@ invalidate patch [1] causes a lot more invalidate events
> to be sent out. That will cause processes to wake up needlessly. Eg. if
> an unredirected fullscreen app is flipping, each flip will also send an
> invalidate event to the compositor, since the composite overlay and client
> window share the same pixmap. Now, assuming that the compositor hasn't
> done a GetBuffers yet, there's no need to send an invalidate event to it.
> I took the easy approach and stuck the boolean flag into the DRI2DrawableRec.
> The optimal solution would have been to put it into DRI2DrawableRefRec and
> keep track of the invalidate state per reference, but that would require the
> client's drawable ID and client ID so that the correct ref could be found in
> GetBuffers. Too much hassle for my taste, and I think this simple approach
> should provide equal benefit in most cases.

Have you measured this to reduce invalidates?  I don't see how something
that is producing flip requests that produce invalidates will do so
without having called getbuffers in between.
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