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Fri May 13 15:14:15 PDT 2011

For example with your patch softrepeat period is 125ms, release timeout
250ms, and a native rate of 110ms:

There are 4 native events transmitted at
000 ms
110 ms
220 ms
330 ms
(user stops between 330ms and 440ms)

This causes these events in the evdev interface:
000: 1
125: 2
250: 2
375: 2
500: 2
550: 0

So we got 1-2 ghost repeat events.

>> Or maybe just a module option that causes rc-core to use native repeat
>> events, for those of us that want accurate repeat events without ghosting?
> If the user already knows about the possibility to generate ghost effects,
> with low delays, he can simply not pass a bad value to the kernel, instead 
> of forcing a modprobe parameter that will limit the minimal value.

There is no "good value" for REP_PERIOD (as in ghost repeats guaranteed
gone like with native repeats). Sufficiently large values will make
ghost repeats increasingly rare, but the period becomes so long the
autorepeat becomes frustratingly slow to use.

Anssi Hannula

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