[RFC] Inclusing of xkbset in xorg/app

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at missouri.edu
Wed May 18 17:07:40 PDT 2011

Let me add a few comments.  (I don't know if I am allowed to post to the 
xorg-devel mailing list, so if I am not, maybe Peter could forward this 
for me.)

First, my man page is horribly incomplete, but the command "xkbset h" 
gives a rather comprehensive list of all the commands.  I had intended 
to include a lengthy description of how mousekeys can be adjusted, as 
well as how the accessx feature works.  There is a very good and 
detailed description in the document 
http://refspecs.freestandards.org/X11/XKBlib.ps, but it embedded in the 
middle of the document, as this document is meant for programmers, not 

Note that there are a few of the XKB features which I didn't 
understand.  You will see statements like "What is this?" written in the 
help message.  You might like to fill these in with a correct 
description of what those XKB features do.

Second, the C source code is actually generated by perl code.  I will 
admit that the generated C code is probably easier to follow than the 
perl code.  But I am kind of proud of the perl code.  If you choose to 
remove the perl code in the code repository, I understand.  But then I 
would like to maintain my code on my website, so that there is at least 
some record of it.

Third, xkbset is included with some Linux distributions, for example 
Ubuntu.  Maybe they would need to be told that the source code is being 
moved to the X repository.  This is particularly true if it gets placed 
inside xkbutils.

Fourth, it definitely makes sense to include xkbset in xkbutils.

Thanks, Stephen

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