[PATCH xrandr 1/3] po4a: handle translated xrandr(1) manpage #37612

David Prévot taffit at debian.org
Sat May 28 02:34:44 PDT 2011

Le 27/05/2011 20:28, Gaetan Nadon a écrit :
> On Fri, 2011-05-27 at 08:24 -0700, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>> It seems to be a reasonable approach, my main concern is that
>> nothing is broken if either the packager or builder doesn't
>> have it installed.

A safe approach would be to take care of this at dist time, so the
xrandr.fr.man file could be distributed, without forcing po4a to be
executed at build time (so the problem would only need to be addressed
in the packager).

I wonder if there is a proper way to detect if the po4a command exists,
and skip this part of the packaging if not. If so, the translation could
be part of the same man directory: man/xrandr.man would always be
distributed, and man/xrandr.fr.man too if it is provided (and lots of
man/xrandr.*.man in other languages in a near future ;-).

At build time, man/xrandr.1 is created from man/xrandr.man, and
man/xrandr.*.1 could be created from man/xrandr.*.man if they exist,
then installed in their proper /usr/share/man/*/man1/ directories the
same way man/xrandr.1 is installed in /usr/share/man/man1/.

As po4a config doesn't need editing to take care of a new translation,
if the build process is able to handle man/xrandr.*.man only if it
exists, the building or packaging shouldn't be broken if there are no
man/xrandr.*.man files (e.g. if po4a was not present and thus not able
to build it).
A safe build process like this would offer the ability to prepare the
translation handling in other apps, without braking it if there are no
translations yet, and without further headache to add a new translation
(only dropping *.po files in man/po4a/po/ would do the trick).

> Unless I misread, po4a uses gettext which isn't initialized in any of
> the X.Org modules.  This may come as a surprise for those who have been
> routinely working on translation for years.

I'd guess that's why some distributions began to ship their own manpages
translation at the beginning, but the idea would be to share those pages
for everyone now they exist.

> If this man page is the only
> translatable item we will ever add, then ...

Debian already ships up to date French translation of the following

  showrgb.1  xmodmap.1  xrandr.1  xsetmode.1  xsetpointer.1  xvidtune.1

If it's going to be include upstream, I'm pretty sure we would be able
to provide the French translation of (at least) the following ones
(either within Debian, or within the FSF team):

  iceauth.1  xgamma.1  xrdb.1  xset.1  xstdcmap.1  sessreg.1
  xcmsdb.1  xhost.1  xrefresh.1  xsetroot.1

Once the structure exists, we would be able to contact team of other
languages team too.

If we manage to prepare a proper structure to include xrandr.1, I'd be
please to propose the patches for the other pages.



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