Dual PCI-E radeon R420 & R700 KMS xorg 1.9.5 & linux - Mesa DRI bug.

wallak at free.fr wallak at free.fr
Tue May 31 16:19:19 PDT 2011

Hi All,

   I was trying the last xorg packages available (Xorg 1.9.5) with my dual PCI-E
express configuration (kernel Everything work fine, with two X11
instances for each board, except the DRI (Mesa) operation on the secondary
board. The secondary board log is OK, and shows that the DRI module start
without any error. When I launch, e.g. a xscreensaver Mesa demo, the software
lock-up and nothing happened on the screen.

We can notice that, the first board works flawlessly (R700), and the secondary
board (R420) works perfectly when using the same configuration and this board

Everything look like the secondary board (R420) is fully operational with Mesa:
> DISPLAY=:1.0 xdriinfo
Screen 0: r300

Any idea ?

  A last issue, I've tried with last packages available and Xorg 1.10.1 with the
same kernel. The secondary board in this case was unusable. The secondary server
failed to start. I don't know the status with 1.10.2.

Best Regards,

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