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> Should this just be closed?  Where is this even located?   Google says you're
> partially to blame, Keith, so over to you to do with or close as you like.

transset is located in the ancient xapps CVS on freedesktop:

Never migrated to git, or autoconf, or anything.

I do have a git repo of it, with autoconf support added, that I was preparing 
for upload to xorg/apps once upon a time, but never finished getting there,
and am still not sure if we should, given the adhoc license notice in the code:
/* Simple program to toggle Translucency property on next window clicked
    Uses dsimple.h and dsimple.c from xlsfonts.
    Based on xprops and xwininfo

    By Matthew Hawn
    Use however you want. I can't stop you.

I can pass that off if someone wants to try to fix this up to make it 
publishable as an Xorg app.   I think a number of distros do still ship it.

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