[PATCH 2/2] xfree86: Add Loongson MIPS support

Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Mon Oct 17 02:17:51 PDT 2011

On Son, 2011-10-16 at 13:37 -0700, Jeremy Huddleston wrote: 
> Fixes: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41038
> Signed-off-by: Matt Kraai <kraai at ftbfs.org>
> Reviewed-by: Jeremy Huddleston <jeremyhu at apple.com>
> ---
> Ok, so I really don't understand why ppc had its own ioBase in
> os-support/linux/lnx_video.c rather than using IOPortBase.

Because that's what the PPC inline functions in compiler.h use. So
changing this breaks ABI.

> In any event, I want to nuke this code rather than waste any more of
> my time fixing it (especially without being able to test it).

So it's probably best to avoid touching non-MIPS code, at least not in
the same change?

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