[PATCH evdev] type-safe inline functions for bitmask manipulation

Max Schwarz Max at x-quadraht.de
Mon Oct 17 11:24:48 PDT 2011

> Have you looked into switching the evdev bit arrays from longs to bytes
> so we can standardize on one type of bit array?
That would be possible. Longs are used because the linux evdev layer uses 
longs and we can let ioctl() write directly into our bitmask arrays. I can 
change the occurences of ioctl() to use a temporary buffer and fix the byte 
order if necessary.

> I should have piped up earlier, so I don't think it's fair to make this
> a requirement for satisfying before merging. If it is possible, we could
> also fix it up later.
Well, I also forgot to mark the two new functions as inline, that would need 
to be changed prior to merging.

I'll try to send in a patch for byte-bitmasks sometime this week, so we can 
look how that looks.


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