Glamor - next step

Zhigang Gong zhigang.gong at
Thu Oct 20 20:00:20 PDT 2011

Hi folks,

Thanks for your valuable advices. To incrementally merge glamor with current
video driver is indeed a more reasonable and less risk solution than merge it
directly into xorg.

The idea to bind BOs to a textures works fine. Actually, I already did so when I 
try to get DRI2 work with glamor.

Now, it become clear for next step.

1. Extract the device independent part of glamor into an independent library which
  could be linked by other ddx driver.
2. Incrementally change current intel-video driver's rendering path to GL-based
  rendering path.

If there is still any misunderstanding, please help to point it out.

-- zhigang

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> > This is also like Xgl, as I recall, in that Xgl was a large
> > development effort happening inside a company (Novell, in that case)
> > and then being dropped on the X.Org community. I'd say that had a lot
> > to do with it eventually failing.
> >
> > A bunch of this work has Eric Anholt's and Kristian Høgsberg's names
> > on it, and I'd have expected them to remember that debacle.
> I didn't get very far in the work before deciding that getting DRI2 working
> was going to be hard and that further work wasn't useful until I had some
> sort of plan for it.
> My intention back when I was working on it was to do incremental merging
> once DRI2 was figured out -- there's an obvious merge point where
> correct all-software-fallbacks are possible, then another when the first
> couple of blit paths are in, then Render accel.
> But now, in order to get DRI2 working with GL-based 2D, we're thinking of
> flipping the whole thing on its head and using our current driver, binding
> its BOs into GL, and doing incremental migration of our current rendering
> to GL rendering that way.  We've burned ourselves switching to new AAs
> both times we've done it, so any plan that involves incremental changes
> has a lot recommending it.

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