X.org testing with Google Test

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Mon Jan 2 09:41:55 PST 2012


On Mon, Jan 02 2012, Matt Dew wrote:
>> If I understand it correctly, tinderbox is a continuous integration
>> system (much like Jenkins) that compiles and executes unit tests. That
>> is, it should be no problem to execute the unit test executables built
>> with our framework/Google test.

I agree, this is possible.  You can run arbitrary code as a tinderbox
jhbuild "module", including running test binaries against the newly
built X server and recording their output.  I've already got code that
runs rendercheck/x11perf/piglit/renderbench/cairotest/cairoperf and
reports the results, though this isn't running on most of the tinderbox

I should add that our current tinderbox's use of jhautobuild is not so
much a conscious choice as a historical accident -- moving it over to
Jenkins would be a fine project if someone's interested in doing it.


- Chris.
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