[PATCH v2 xrandr-utils 0/7] Refactor xrandr internals into libxrandr-utils

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Fri Jan 6 16:36:28 PST 2012

This is a resend of the libxrandr-utils patchset.  Thank you everyone
that provided feedback from the first set.  This feedback has been

As per Jamey's suggestion this library will move to use of the XCB randr
library.  In this first set of patches the library does not make any
RANDR calls so no XCB yet; as the RANDR calls get refactored out of
xrandr.c I plan to switch them over to their XCB equivalents.

This tree is also available in my personal git repository on fdo.

[Original cover letter]
Begin refactoring the xrandr command line tool's internals into a
utility library.  This is to provide a higher level abstraction for
configuring multiple monitors.

With the coming complexities of hybrid graphics, >2 heads, and so on, it
will hopefully save headaches all around to have a central place for the
configuration logic, rather than duplicated across Qt, gtk, and other
client-side tools.

This first set of changes just sets up the directory structure and
migrates a couple structures as proof of concept.  Posting it at this
early stage for feedback it's going in the correct direction.

Bryce Harrington (7):
  Initial doc files.
  Initial packaging and directory structure.
  Import xrandr.c as an implementation example.
  Copy a few basic structs and enums from xrandr.c into header.
  Add unit test suite and a basic test of the geometry structs.
  Refactor geometry structs in xrandr.c to use libXrandrUtil's
  Drop rectangle_t.

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