[PATCH] Remove XAA

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Sun Jan 22 13:01:28 PST 2012


On 22 January 2012 14:33, Mark Kettenis <mark.kettenis at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> No way!  XAA works for accelerated scrolling and makes a significant
> difference on slow CPUs.  It often works better for EXA.  If there is
> something that should be removed it's that since very few drivers actually
> have working EXA support.

'very few drivers' ... which cover about 99% of our userbase if you
just look at the big three.  But anyway, even if you don't think any
metric which gives equal weighting to xf86-video-intel as to
xf86-video-imstt is absolutely pointless, there are 12 drivers that we
ship ported to EXA.

> Deliberately breaking drivers without giving people a chance to fix them
> isn't fair.  Because of the current development model of Xorg people may
> not notice that stuff is broken for more than six months.

If you read the mail you're replying to, you'll note that I
specifically advocated holding off the merge so the drivers could be
fixed.  Although if no-one even notices for six months or more, I
think that tells you quite a lot about the state of the driver, its
maintenance, and its usage.


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