[PATCH] render: don't bother with animated cursors on floating slaves (#39989)

Colin Harrison colin.harrison at virgin.net
Thu Jan 26 13:43:47 PST 2012


On my Windows build this patch...

diff --git a/render/animcur.c b/render/animcur.c
index 4cf1fdf..0f174fd 100644
--- a/render/animcur.c
+++ b/render/animcur.c
@@ -208,6 +208,9 @@ AnimCurDisplayCursor (DeviceIntPtr pDev,
     AnimCurScreenPtr    as = GetAnimCurScreen(pScreen);
     Bool		ret;
+    if (IsFloating(pDev))
+	    return FALSE;
     Unwrap (as, pScreen, DisplayCursor);
     if (IsAnimCur(pCursor))

causes the 'default'  cursor to disappear...(I like to party_like_its 1989!)

I always need a cursor as when the X root window isn't hidden on Windows you
can't easily control anything as the 'black or stippled X window' blots out
Microsoft's stuff :)


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