Display Link Adapter Hot-Swapping with xorg-server 1.13.0 and xrandr 1.4

Sam Lanning sam at samlanning.com
Sat Nov 3 20:17:23 PDT 2012

Hey Everyone,

I'm new sending questions to this list so please forgive me. I wasn't sure
whether this should be directed at the devel list or users list.

I am trying to get my DisplayLink adapter working with my Dell Vostro 3700
laptop. With nvidia optimus card.

I came across Dave Airlie's work on hot-swapping slave USB gpus. And
discovered his git repo on freedesktop.org


I have tried to compile each of the parts (from the prime branch), but came
across trouble with compiling a few of them.

Mesa: The first problem occurred when i tried to autogen. It couldnt find a
version of libdrm_nouveau greater than 0.6. I solved this with setting the
environment variables:


so the make files were then generated fine.

At compile time, make seems to get stuck in a loop constantly touching and
rm-f ing depend. And entering and leaving the directory src/glsl/.

The second compile problem occurs when trying to create the make file
for xf86-video-nouveau. It comes up with this error after running autogen.sh

./configure: line 11987: syntax error near unexpected token `RANDR,'
./configure: line 11987: `XORG_DRIVER_CHECK_EXT(RANDR, randrproto)'

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sam Lanning.
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