linux-service.be bvba guy at linux-service.be
Thu Nov 22 05:24:20 PST 2012

Ok, thanks.
So for the underlaying non-handled server a xorg.conf(nvidia driver or nested driver?) and for the two 
nested servers also each a seperate xorg.conf?
The xorg.conf for a nested server only has one screen and display?

No problem for the expectations, but I want to test it anyway.

> On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 01:05:57PM +0100, linux-service.be bvba wrote:
> > Or do i need twe separate xorg.conf's?
> Yes, you'll need a separate config. The README contains 2 examples.
> Don't expect to much of xf86-video-nested, i.e. modifiers don't work.
> I've fixed that and various other things. But, I didn't had the time to
> bring it into a publishable state, yet.

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