drm_gem_create_mmap_offset / intel_uxa_prepare_access bo problems

Knut Petersen Knut_Petersen at t-online.de
Thu Nov 22 07:29:08 PST 2012

Hi Chris!

Slowdown of system, missing icons after 16 days kernel uptime and 12 days Xserver uptime.
Xorg log: flooded with "(WW) intel(0): intel_uxa_prepare_access: bo map (use gtt? 1, access 1) failed: No space left on device" lines
dmesg: flooded with "[drm:drm_gem_create_mmap_offset] *ERROR* failed to allocate offset for bo 0" entries

AOpen i915GMm-hfs, Pentium-M Dothan

linux kernel 3.6.6
full Xorg git master, fetch/build 10 November 2012,
video-intel: git f5d79b202dd448e61ab6ffce26fe9cbf9051d770
xserver: git 011f8458805e443ac9130865d2840a929a00cabf
rest of system openSuSE 12.1

Any idea?


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