gsoc 2013 idea - Customizable gestures

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Fri Apr 12 04:50:51 PDT 2013

2013/4/12 Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer at>:
> Hi guys,
> Unfortunately, the entry for gesture recognition in the synaptics driver
> should have not been on the list. synaptics is the wrong place in the stack
> to do gesture recognition. we support a minimal set of gestures and they
> already give us more headache than benefit. full gesture recognition in the
> synaptics driver would be an unmaintainable nightmare. for that reason, even
> if you could get it to work in a proof-of-concept I would not merge the
> result into the upstream driver.

I can understand this position. However, this also poses a question:
what counts as a gesture and what doesn't. E.g., on a clickpad, one
can click in the bottom right part of the pad in order to get this
recognized as a "right button click". Or, one can swipe along the
right edge in order to scroll. Are these two examples gestures, or

Alexander E. Patrakov

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