App Groups and dixstruct.h

Schaaf, Jonathan P (GE Healthcare) jonathan.P.schaaf at
Wed Apr 24 13:41:45 PDT 2013

There are a few of us who have exotic legacy software that is hopelessly dependent on the XC-APPGROUP  extension.  I've been making custom builds of the xserver and patching in this functionality for a year or two now, and that's been working fine, but the removal of the entry for appgroup in dixstruct.h has left me concerned.  I absolutely hate the fact that I'm altering a file that is considered part of the ABI.   Perhaps I'm worrying about nothing?  Maybe this file isn't *really* part of the ABI?  If that's the case, please tell me.

I can fully appreciate the need to remove the old cruft, but I do have a request:  Would it be possible to restore the entry for appgroup in dixstruct.h? 

The original work of restoring the XC-APPGROUP extension was done by SuSE.  For anyone out there who might be interested, an updated version of the SuSE patch is posted at

By the way, if this is one of those extensions that got removed from the X-server for want of someone willing to maintain it, I'm going to be doing some level of maintenance on this one way or another... so I'm willing to help.  

Thanks everyone,



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