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Have you looked at Broadway, either the Netscape plugin from 12 or so years
ago, or the recent GTK+/GDK porting work to move onto canvas? Alexander
Larsson, the author of the recent Broadway project, feels that Wayland is
more appropriate, and is currently working on making Broadway be a
browser-based Wayland compositor.

That might be more appropriate than an X server that uses the browser, but
there's always the NPAPI plugin if you need legacy cruft around!

On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Dibyayan Chakraborty <
dib.coolguy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I joined this mailing list very recently . I am actually looking for some
> information regarding a project that our university would like to take up.
> Now I provide a brief introduction about the project.
> Ultimate aim of the project is to port the X11 window management system to
> a browser in completely platform independent way. More specifically we want
> to build a plugin which would enable any application which runs on X11 to
> be mapped in the web browser while the original application will run on
> some remote server. I have listed several queries and any replies and links
> to resources regarding those will be greatly appreciated.
>    1. Is this project new or are there any similar work already done
>    (apparently our initial studies suggests that there are few applications
>    like FireSSH which provide terminal based facilities but nothing closer )?
>    2. Is it really possible to implement this project using the present
>    X11 protocols and windowing system ?
> --
> With Regards
> Dibyayan Chakraborty
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