[REMINDER] LockMods can lock another group on key release #865

Andreas Wettstein wettstein509 at solnet.ch
Mon Jan 7 12:07:30 PST 2013

Hello Daniel,

> On 20 November 2012 06:06, Andreas Wettstein <wettstein509 at solnet.ch> wrote:
> > Saturday last week, I sent a four-part xkb-related patch to address
> > issue #865.  The patch has not been reviewed yet.  Can someone have a
> > look please?
> >
> I've been hoping to review this but haven't had the time yet.  I really
> really like the general approach though, and will definitely merge it at
> some stage.

I am afraid this got lost, so let me remind once more.

I still do not see the patches in patchwork.  Let me know if I should
resend them.



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