Compile failure on IA64 (impossible register constraint in 'asm')

Stephan Schreiber info at
Wed Jan 9 10:55:51 PST 2013

> Hello, as reported downstream[1] by me, various xf-86-video-*  
> packages fail during the compile phase with the following error:
> /usr/include/xorg/compiler.h:1412:5: error: impossible register  
> constraint in 'asm'
> The proposed patch at comment 1 works for me. What do you think about?
> Note: please CC me in your answer(s) because I'm not subscribed
> [1]:
> -- 

Subsequent messages of the linked Gentoo bug report and the associated  
Gentoo forum make it clear: The built packages do not work.
Your patch is the reason for the non-functional video-mach64 driver.  
Look at compiler.h what your patch does; the video-mach64 driver needs  
the functions

inb, inw, inl, outb, outw, outl.

The problem with the xorg server also occurred on the Debian project.
Debian has a patch for xserver-xorg-core 1.12.4 which allows to build  
the video-mach64 6.9.1 driver on ia64 (without any modification):

- archived Debian bug#685750  

Also relevant for you is the
- archived Debian bug#686152  

I assume the patches are also useful for the xorg server 1.13.
I hope it helps.

Stephan Schreiber

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