Support for Cirque Smart Cat Pro

Adrien Guillon aj.guillon at
Thu Jan 2 11:59:05 PST 2014

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a touchpad to alleviate some wrist strain, and I'm
attempting to get it working with my Linux box and Xorg.

xinput --list shows:

-- Cirque Corporation 9925 AG Touchpad       id=11   [slave  pointer  (2)]

lsusb shows: Bus 008 Device 004: ID 0488:0282 Cirque Corp.

It is working right now as a basic mouse...

I strongly suspect some hacking is required to get this working, so I've
posted to this list as a first step.  Is support required in the Linux
kernel for this device and Xorg will just work once that is detected?  What
can I do to help get this supported (I'm comfortable hacking on source
files if needed)?  I'm not sure where to start, so any advice is


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