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Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Thu Jan 9 13:02:37 PST 2014

On 01/ 9/14 04:23 AM, Adrian Fry (adrfry) wrote:
> Dear ,
> I represent a technology team at Cisco Systems, Inc. We are contacting you
> regarding code copyrighted by you which we obtained from, called
> xorg-cf-files 1.0.2 11.el6, “Configuration File for Xorg' “ A member of the
> development team intends to use this code for commercial purposes and we would
> like to better understand its licensing terms.
> Is there a license agreement for this code such that it can be used in
> commercial software? Are you willing to release the code under the *"MIT"
> license (also called the "X11" or "Expat" license)*, reproduced below?

It's called the "X11" license because it's the license we've used for the X11
software X.Org produces for over 25 years now.  Did you even look at the license
already on the code?

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Please don't mail public mailing lists with questions you intend to keep
confidential.  It is impossible to delete all the copies of this message
you have caused to be distributed to many people & archives across the

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