glamor cleanup series: reindent and connect to the build

Eric Anholt eric at
Thu Jan 9 17:26:14 PST 2014

Here's my first patch series for review on glamor -- mostly boring
stuff just trying to get things to a consistent style with the rest of
the server.  The end result is a building module we can start doing
interesting things to, with no compiler warnings on my system.

Note that did horrible things to string literals, and
produced a line (present in two patches) that made git-send-email
choke.  I just dropped the boring output of patch
contents, and hacked out that line of patch 3.  You can find the real
series up at git:// on the
glamor-reformat branch.  (once again, more things, some of them
unpolished, are also on the glamor-server branch).

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