Remaining X server warning fixes

Keith Packard keithp at
Mon Jan 13 10:17:40 PST 2014

Here's 18 patches which clean up the remaining warnings (at least for
me) in the X server. A couple of these are new as of this series, but
the rest have been posted before

Old patches, posted before Christmas:

    [PATCH 01/18] Warning fixes in glx
    [PATCH 02/18] pseudoramiX: Clean up warnings. Only compile on XQUARTZ
    [PATCH 03/18] include: GetClientResolutions is declared in font.h
    [PATCH 04/18] Ignore a couple of format-nonliteral warnings
    [PATCH 05/18] Add 'FONT_PATH_NAME_ELEMENT_CONST' to dix-config.h and
    [PATCH 06/18] os: Fix -Wshadow errors
    [PATCH 07/18] Xi: Use 'void *' instead of 'Pointer' (which is going
    [PATCH 08/18] xfree86: Fix -Wshadow warnings
    [PATCH 09/18] composite: Remove duplicate window pixmap fetch
    [PATCH 10/18] exa: Fix -Wshadow warnings
    [PATCH 11/18] kdrive: Fix -Wshadow errors
    [PATCH 12/18] hw/vfb: Rename screenInfo parameter to screen_info
    [PATCH 13/18] hw/xnest: Eliminate shadowed names
    [PATCH 14/18] randr: Eliminate -Wshadow warnings

New patches. For the test suite, I've cleaned up warnings in xi2 and
hashtabletest, but signal-formatting just got some pragmas to ignore
compiler warnings as they're all intentionally there to test the code.

    [PATCH 15/18] kdrive/ephyr: Remove extra 'i' variable in
    [PATCH 16/18] test/xi2: Clean up -Wshadow warnings
    [PATCH 17/18] test/hashtabletest: Clean up -Wshadow errors
    [PATCH 18/18] test/signal-formatting: Ignore compiler warnings

Review would be appreciated; I'm looking forward to a warning-free
1.16 release.


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