warning-fixes review.

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Jan 22 21:20:29 PST 2014

Eric Anholt <eric at anholt.net> writes:

> Patch 1 - NAK due to changes to "DO NOT EDIT" files.

I've removed the changes to indirect_dispatch_swap.c and indirect_program.c

Yeah, any suggestions on how we can fix the generated files to not have

> Patch 2 - this should be two patches.  (with the warning fix hopefully
> first).


> e6b892ee5a8c7d27af59bce684e037e196e0a2b7: r-b
> 8fe18883d0d5fb4d1bb6be21c084b2d3c103b24c: Wish the compiler was smarter.  r-b.
> 0909b1711efc2fa3714b6bc1db2e4d2de5766bb8: r-b
> 1c75a1dc665ed0e38d9f39f2b4c246da5053eb48: r-b
> 678e3cc0a0895e7af14a82ae0661e0f53c3ee42a: r-b
> 78553cc54df9fc89ea566c7d85a3069353429162: r-b.


> cf86f25c2d995dc9e4eb971a24c2f5c889c55de5: s/Pointer/pointer/ seems
> pointless, and I can't find a global var named Pointer (fixed in
> 098268797241a92f99547be4658559430b656c7d).

Yeah, I reordered patches a bit and this is clearly not necessary any
more. I've removed that part of the patch.

> The bonus offman lookup
> should probably be dropped in the xf86fbman.c change.


> Optionally
> instead of s/r/ir/ in xf86Crtc.c, just drop the extra Rotation r =
> output>initial_rotation, which is the same as the declaration above.

It's not -- different output:

        r = config->output[p]->initial_rotation;

        ir = config->output[o]->initial_rotation

> Similarly, the transform case in xf86RandR12.c.  Other than these notes,

Yes, that one is the same. Removed the extra variable and the extra fetch

> r-b.


> 57b4888e9dcb62d38a2f2968caa029f773d6a1ad: r-b.
> 89b62cb9b2664183231aab1c899b6886818a4772: r-b
> 7d770576f23dbe02a4f2f2aeb74348176b1594b6: r-b.
> 3251e5824fdf1e344ce1b1a35987995335145e9a: r-b
> 5413d9a4b43f6131f480c101b36bfbbb77da64e4: r-b
> 47ef89b4190834d0cbbb74af2c8f43d469c8ad46: r-b.
> d437fc6b885ddd3fa5e21d0803755fe84e45c5c8: r-b
> 12311e956c8d0e3f6642b3fe1319563f33ddd312: r-b
> 26b43f2f86ee811d1b642ceae26d53a31c840001: r-b
> 34bfa7a0e59a1fb2000d8dc527796583b903efc0: stray '#' character?  Other
> than that, r-b.

Fixed the extra '#'.

I've pushed the ones you've marked r-b to master
   25ebb9d..76b275d  master -> master

There are just four more left on my 'warning-fixes' branch at


new one to turn off the XIproto.h Pointer typedef:

        d5af0e3569769f78e11d869b8b1d6c500309c96d Add _XITYPEDEF_POINTER to dix-config.h

Split up version of the pseudoramiX warning fix from before:

        3f73cb7bca338336be1c066443341d6a3b4b3352 pseudoramiX: Only compile on XQUARTZ and XWIN
        d46b003f1962871506b988cac44652218ec898bc pseudoramiX: Add _X_ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF attributes to debug functions.

And the warning fixes from the previous glx patch, without changes to
the generated files:

        63aa7c8a1aa9ecb39a8031c5527883695b7914f0 Warning fixes in glx

keith.packard at intel.com
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