How do we want to deal with 4k tiled displays?

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Thu Jan 23 07:36:32 PST 2014

2014/1/23 Alexander E. Patrakov <patrakov at>:
> Keith Packard wrote:

>> and it may well confuse applications into thinking that they can
>> configure the two "monitors" separately.


> Another class of clients that attempt to reconfigure screens is fullscreen
> games, and here breakage is indeed not allowed at all. But we can try running
> them with two mirrored 1920x1080 monitors right now, attempt to select a lower
> resolution in the game (or just run a game that insists on the lower
> resolution) and see what breaks and what is not fixable manually by running
> xrandr to configure the second monitor identically to the first one. I will test
> this later today and report.

OK, tried under xfce at home with two games and failed in an unexpected way.

Don't starve (SDL2-based): by default, it runs fine in the cloned
mode. However, if I attempt to change resolution, it just does nothing
and returns to 1920x1080.

Baldur's Gate (under Wine): sets the eDP1 output to 640x480, and thus
appears in the corner of HDMI1. If I change the HDMI1 resolution to
640x480 behind its back, too, then it is cloned correctly and works.

So, although the games clearly behave in a non-optimal way, it is not
something that would break them completely in the proposed "fake
mirror" setup. This does not cancel my previous remark that the fake
mirror setup may be pointless if Aaron's worries are also already true
on ivybridge.

OTOH, in non-clone mode, Don't starve always appears on the leftmost
monitor (and the setting to choose the display doesn't work). Baldur's
Gate always appears on eDP1. So in "real" multimonitor configurations
both games are broken, but this is off-topic for this thread.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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