How do we want to deal with 4k tiled displays?

Keith Packard keithp at
Mon Jan 27 19:52:00 PST 2014

"Pierre-Loup A. Griffais" <pgriffais at> writes:

> It seems the X server should be responsible for both making sure the two 
> halves are laid out properly (right now they're in reverse order) and 
> hidden from clients. This database of quirks would ideally live in the 
> server itself where it can be easily leveraged by everyone shipping
> DDXen.

Yeah, at some level, it would have been good to separate the device
configuration from the logical partition of the whole X screen into
'monitors'. One nice thing that would have easily allowed was the
creation of virtual 'monitors' for vnc or even DisplayLink. As it is,
we've managed (once again) to link a particular hardware interface to an
application capability. Sigh.

We do have such an abstraction today, called Xinerama, but it seemed
like the right plan was to deprecate that and encourage applications to
use RandR directly.


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