[PATCH 01/12] dbus-core: Move to hw/xfree86/common dir

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Jan 29 16:51:54 PST 2014

On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 11:52:55AM -0800, Keith Packard wrote:
> Hans de Goede <hdegoede at redhat.com> writes:
> > As for the worries of drivers not being prepared to deal with this,
> > systemd_logind_take_fd will only succeed for evdev devices, and AFAIK we've
> > only 2 drivers for those evdev and synaptics. I'll make sure I've changes
> > for those ready to merge as soon as everyone is happy with the server
> > bits.
> On a procedural level, one thing we've discussed in the past is whether
> we shouldn't just merge the input driver repositories back into the X
> server. That would let us more easily mutate the API/ABI as needed to
> resolve issues like this.

it wouldn't help much. we have 5 drivers that really matter, evdev,
keyboard, mouse, synaptics and wacom. the latter is GPL, so merging it is
questionable, and it is also the one that sees the most changes.  And while
you have one important driver outside the tree, you can't mutate
the ABI at random anyway.

For several server releases few changes in the drivers have actually
required API changes. Merging the drivers back in is a lot of work for
currently little benefit.


> Eric and I were chatting about this as his work on Glamor, along with
> Dave's work on xf86-video-modesetting may shortly provide
> device-independent output that could be merged into the X server to
> reduce the cost of making changes across the system.
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> keith.packard at intel.com

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