Intent todo a libxtrans-1.3.3 release coming Monday

Jon TURNEY jon.turney at
Fri Jan 31 06:48:47 PST 2014

On 27/01/2014 13:18, Hans de Goede wrote:
> On 01/23/2014 05:33 PM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
>> On 23/01/2014 10:40, Hans de Goede wrote:
>>> I've just pushed the 2 systemd socket activation patches by
>>> Łukasz Stelmach for libxtrans to libxtrans master.
>>> I intend to cut a 1.3.3 release with these patches in there Monday.
>>> So if there are any objections, or any pending changes you would like to see
>>> make the 1.3.3 release now is your chance to speak up.
>> I posted an xtrans patch [1] a while ago, but it didn't get any reviews.
>> [1]
> I've reviewed this, and added it to the 1.3.3 release, I did make a
> couple of changes / fixes:
>     -Invert the final check so that TransIsListening returns True when
>      TRANS_NOLISTEN is not set, as one would expect of it.


>     -Make the protocol argument a const char * as similar functions do
>     -Fix "warning: too many arguments for format" warning


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