[PATCH] Revert "glamor: Fix coordinates handling for composite source/mask pictures"

Markus Wick markus at selfnet.de
Thu Jul 17 14:47:09 PDT 2014


kwin still works fine.

If you'll remove the "ErrorF" lines, this patch is:
Reviewed-by: Markus Wick <markus at selfnet.de>

Am 2014-07-17 01:13, schrieb Keith Packard:
> I think I understand the code and now believe that both the original
> fixed versions are incorrect. However, I cannot reproduce any of the
> problems we've had reported. I've placed an explanation of the bug and
> the fix in the patch attached here. In theory, this should fix *both*
> the original kwin problem and the systray icons. I would love to see
> this tested soon if possible. I wouldn't mind slipping this into 1.16;
> it seems "low risk" to me, and solves a fairly serious regression with
> glamor.

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