Touchscreen auto-configuration for multi-display systems

Taylor Braun-Jones taylor at
Wed Jul 23 09:01:16 PDT 2014

On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 11:34 AM, Jens Harms <au1064 at> wrote:

> Hi Taylor, what if i attach two touchscreen displays of the same type? How
> about a command to exchange touchscreen devices?
> btw. i want to upgrade my desktop with a third touchscreen...

Ya, I forgot to mention this deficiency - multiple touchscreens of the same
type won't work with this simple proof-of-concept script. To handle this
case, there could be a tool that pops up a full screen message overlay on
one touch screen display that says "Touch this screen". When there are N
displays of the same type you'd have to do this N-1 times. To launch this
tool, a desktop notification could pop up upon logging whenever N-1 > 0:

Touchscreen configuration is incomplete.
[Configure now]

Or... an alternative approach could be the first time a touchscreen display
is touched that has an ambiguous configuration, popup dialog that says:

Which display did you just touch?
------------------ ------------------
|                | |                |
|                | |                |
|       1        | |       2        |
|                | |                |
|                | |                |
------------------ ------------------
[x] remember answer

And the user could respond via key press or mouse click.

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