[PATCH] randr: Fix logic in RRPointerToNearestCrtc

David Ung davidu at nvidia.com
Mon Jul 28 13:19:12 PDT 2014

thanks, do you need me to re-upload another patch with the modify message? and will you be doing the actual commit?
I am new to xorg submission.

From: Keith Packard [keithp at keithp.com]
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Subject: RE: [PATCH] randr: Fix logic in RRPointerToNearestCrtc

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David Ung <davidu at nvidia.com> writes:

>>> RRPointerToNearestCrtc is suppose to snap to the nearest Crtc,
>>> but the code is buggy.  Correct the calculation of delta x/y
>>> values and choose the closest Crtc.
>> This comment isn't terribly descriptive of the problems it's
>> solving. There are two -- one where the dx/dy values end up off-by-one
>> and another where it's simply forgetting to actually set the 'best' value.
> but its more that dx/dy off-by-one.
> previously best_dx/dy is always positive, if x > scan_width,
> when you call SetCursorPosition, the cursor's x position is gonna be
> even further away from the crtc's right edge.


> RRPointerToNearestCrtc is suppose to snap to the nearest Crtc,
> but best_x and best_y is always positive, hence when calling
> SetCursorPosition it will make the cursor even further away.
> Correct delta x/y to allow negative values and also use
>  "width/height -1" in the calculation.  Also choose the closest Crtc
> by setting the "best" value.

Thanks. That describes the patch better.

Reviewed-by: Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com>

keith.packard at intel.com

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